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He’s so cute I think I’m gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!

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We’re well over halfway through the tour now, and show number 8 brings us to the Manchester Academy.

6pm – I arrive to find Baby Godzilla playing a new game they’ve invented called ‘Leg Merch’, which involves rolling flight case wheels with merch boxes on top into someone’s legs, at such a great speed that it knocks them over. Who said Baby G don’t know how to have fun. They’re all in high spirits apart from Jonny who had a little too much fun in Glasgow last night and has spent the day throwing up.

6.30pm - Hiro from Crossfaith is in catering eating his dinner (soup, fish with potatoes and salad) and telling us about guitarist Kazu’s birthday celebrations last night. Did they get him a cake? “No! Just shots!” he grins. They also bought him a red ukulele and had it signed by Wes Borland.

7.11pm – Baby Godzilla warm-up for their set by doing John Goblikon impressions. Frontman Matt nearly takes out someone in the front row as he wields his mic stand around, and Jonny is still not feeling well. They get a sharp smack on the wrists after the show.

7.54pm – Limp Bizkit’s drum tech is taking a nap underneath the DJ booth with his heavy-duty ear protectors on.

8pm – After filling up on the Nekrogoblikon cake someone made them, the goblin metallers shout “Manchester!” before going onstage. Someone in the front row is wearing home-made goblin claws, and during the set John Goblikon downs the Hobgoblin beer that Kerrang! Production Editor Eleanor (who’s visiting tonight) gave him. “It’s goblin beeeeeer!” he shouts.

8.41pm – Ken from Crossfaith is doing star jumps backstage, and has his headphones in for his vocal warm up. A few “Heya-yeea-yeea-yeeas!” later and it’s time for the set (complete with a rendition of Happy Birthday for Kazu).

9.30pm – as soon as Limp Bizkit come on, people are throwing bras and knickers on the stage (thought All Time Low weren’t playing til March?). Bassist Sam Rivers has ‘I hate this band’ written on his guitar pedal case, and Fred Durst pours his bottled water down the back of a security guard, who takes it surprisingly well. During Faith, Fred tells the ladies in the crowd to get up on the guys’ shoulders. A couple of guys get up with their shirts off and Wes shouts “NO! NO! NO!” repeatedly until they get down.

11.30pm – after the show the supports gather in their shared dressing room’s bathroom to take the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’. Fred Durst comes in to see what all the shouting/spitting is about and declines our offer to take part. “I’ve already done it,” he says.

1am – Eleanor and I have a quick chat with Fred and Wes before they head off onto their bus and Fred and I practice the Lil’ Wayne part of Ready To Go. It’s freezing so everyone heads home/back to the bus.

4am – that’s everyone apart from Baby Godzilla, who get a flat tire on the way home, have to wait for the AA and end up getting a 4am ice cream – from where, we have no idea.

It’s another day off tomorrow, then we head to Norwich! Only three more shows to go…

Jen x

I’m the person who made the cake in the third photo! :D

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tumblr has become a bigoted unhealthy website where you are praised for fitting into as many obscure minorities as possible and are told whatever u say is invalid if u are part of any majorities and it’s out of hand and ridiculous

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My review of Kaptein Kaos :)

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