Warlord talking about his trip with some members of Moonsorrow to a sauna department in a hotel

At Wacken Open Air, we had a hotel really far from the festival site and we got back there at 4/5 in the morning. I think most of our guys had already disappeared but I was with some guys from Moonsorrow, and we ended up at the sauna department. We ended up being 4 guys naked in the same regular size small bath tub, drinking beer.

It was a really nice department in the hotel with palm trees and shit like that, and they had these bath tubs where you could get tokens from the reception to pay and you would get bubble baths.

So, what happened was there were 4 guys naked in the same tub drinking beer and Jägermeister, smoking inside, having poured a bottle of shampoo in the tub, and then using the bubbles - they were floating all over.

And then, the best thing was calling the reception from the tub - “we need more tokens, can you bring some” - and there was a guy in a suit coming down to put more coins in the machine. He doesn’t say anything! There’s like 4 guys in the tub drinking and smoking in there, filled with big foam from the shampoo, and he just comes in, says hello and puts in the coins in his suit and goes away!

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